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S.M Tyres and Treads

S.M Tyres and Treads is Maharashtra based tyre retreading company having spreadout its wings in Mahad, Ratnagiri Navi Mumbai and Pune with JAS-ANZ ISO 9001:2008 certification. Our associate concern Raigad Rubber Treads pvt.ltd located at Mahad is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing high grade precured cold treads and conventional treads with modern Technology having latest machinery with stringent quality control of OTR Tyres in conventional method and from cars types to truck types be it bias ply or radial truck Types by the cold process with specialised electric curing for the Radial Tyres.

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To enhance customer satisfaction by providing good Eco-friendly Solutions.
To be known as the best adviser company eco-friendly by retreading move than 12000 tyres per month
A dedicated experienced Team of sales professional having sound knowledge of nylon and radial Truck types giving proper suggestion and recommendation of the tread belt with good and consistent after sales service



Retreading is a safe, economical and environmentally-friendly way to give bald tyres a new lease of life: the worn tread surface is replaced by a new one. The end result is a tyre which can be reused!
Not every tyre is suitable for retreading, however. It is only possible in the following case
The tyre has been has been looked after properly, handle with care, and given with correct air pressure in its "first life".
the casing in good condition and has not sustained any serious damage.

The question as to whether a casing can be reused also depends on the type of tyre.

Retreading plays a particularly important role in aircraft tyre, which are subjected to extreme stresses. Aircraft tyres have to withstand huge strain at speed of over 250 km/h, and undergo retreading after around 150 take-off and landing manoeuvres. Retreading can take place up to twelve time.

The testing procedure are naturally very stringent here, and safety takes top priority. High-quality retreading is the alternative to new tyre for commercial vehicle, since it offers safety, top running performance and an excellent cost benefit ratio. More and more consumers are recognising and coming to appreciate the positive image of high-quality retreads.


Retreading Makes Good Economic and Environmental Sense.